Why Superior Business Operations Are More Than Processes and Procedures

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Superior business operations are the secret sauce separating top businesses from everyone else.

But there’s more to it than having great processes and procedures – it’s about creating an environment where people can do their best work and be supported to achieve excellence.

No matter your industry, 100% of your revenue comes from how well you run your business.

Sure, there’s always sales and marketing to generate revenue. But if you don’t make excellence in business operations your goal, all the sales and marketing won’t save you. You’ll never catch up to – or pass – your competition.

But it doesn’t have to be incredibly hard. You don’t need to become a control freak, measure everything in your business to within an inch of its life, and push team members to constantly increase productivity.

So, let’s look at what it takes to create superior business operations in your business.

Business operations: The 5 Pillars of Superior Business Operations infographic

The 5 Pillars of Superior Business Operations

At the core of business operations excellence lies the five pillars – a focused strategy, a workable plan, leadership by example, motivated team members, and a culture of excellence.

When applied effectively across the organization – with vision, enthusiasm, and direction – these pillars provide outstanding business performance, drive customer satisfaction, and help business owners increase profitability.

Everyone thinks that successful business operations are just about processes and procedures. But it goes well beyond that. Superior business operations require a comprehensive productivity approach, a growth-oriented mindset, and the unwavering determination to achieve your goals.

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A Focused Strategy

The first step to superior business operations is to create a focused and well-thought-out strategy. Foresight, discipline, and clarity of vision are essential components to pre-determine the success of any business.

But it’s incredibly tempting for entrepreneurs and small business owners to get distracted by shiny penny business ideas. You’re making progress, get distracted by another idea, and shift mid-stream to work on your new idea.

Or you’re excited about several ideas and are trying to implement too many things too fast. In that scenario, you can’t possibly give each proposed improvement the time and attention it needs to succeed.

Achieving business goals isn’t about constantly implementing new ideas; it’s about consistency. It’s about picking your priorities – the ones with the best potential to impact revenue – and staying focused.

It takes razor-sharp concentration and commitment to develop and stick to a growth-oriented business strategy.

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A Workable Plan

A workable plan – with processes and procedures –  is essential if you want to achieve business success faster and have more control over your business operations.

Team members must clearly understand what they need to do when, who will do it, and how it will be done. And this is where processes and procedures come in. Well-thought-out processes and procedures are met with greater efficiency in terms of time, resources, and cost.

Entrepreneurs and business owners tend to take two different approaches here. The first approach is to either have a general idea of how they’re going to achieve goals without a plan that’s been well-thought-through and laid out. Team members aren’t sure what to do, management keeps changing tactics, and everyone’s running around in circles without getting anywhere. With this approach, your business will never achieve its full potential.

The second approach is to have a solid plan, but it’s based on a 100% best-case scenario that doesn’t allow any wiggle room for the daily ups and downs that come with running a business. In short, it’s not realistic.

Being overly optimistic and thinking that everything you try to implement will work perfectly is nice, but it’s a dream, not a plan.

And without a workable plan, you won’t get complete buy-in from team members, and you’ll come up short of your goals.

A comprehensive plan helps business owners stay organized and provides clarity for everyone involved. With the right plan in place, your business operations become easier to execute, and differences can be resolved quickly – all contributing to achieving superior business goals!

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Self-motivated Team Members

To run a business efficiently, you need team members that are self-motivated and always looking for ways to stay ahead. You’re looking for self-starters, go-getters, and team members with a solid work ethic – people with a natural inclination to take action and get things done.

Business operations tend to become convoluted when enthusiasm starts to dwindle, and having an engaged team is essential for keeping your business operations on track.

Self-motivation also leads to team members taking the initiative on things that could benefit the business – ideas that may only come up if they have the determination to think outside the box.

It’s essential to hire passionate team members who aren’t afraid of hard work – even if that means you have to invest a little more in their salary. It’s worth every penny to optimize efficiency and business growth.

It doesn’t matter if you’re creating a business from scratch or restoring one that hasn’t been updated in years; having self-motivated team members with good attitudes is paramount.

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Leadership by Example

Leadership by example is the cornerstone of business operations; it’s the spark that starts a fire, fueling productivity and empowerment within an organization.

As the business leader, you are responsible for setting an example, sharing your enthusiasm, and inspiring employees to do their best work. This means having an elevated level of commitment and striving for excellence in all that you do.

The work you do and how well you do it sets the standard of excellence for your team members. You can drone on all day long about your commitment to excellence, but the quantity and quality of your work sets the standard.

Your team members will take their cue from what you do, not what you say you’re going to do.

By walking the walk and not just talking the talk, you’ll encourage your team to take the initiative and help reach business goals!

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A Culture of Excellence

Your business is the sum of its parts – each working together to produce excellence. When one falls out of alignment, it can have a domino effect that pulls down the quality of your product or service.

That’s why it’s crucial to have key components in place, like a focused strategy, a workable plan, and self-motivated team members who are committed to operational excellence.

Don’t buy into the mantra that implementing processes and procedures is the solution to everything that’s not up to par in your business. That’s become the go-to answer for business gurus and consultants.

But even if you have perfect processes and procedures, if you don’t have all 5 pillars of superior business operations in place, you’ll never create a culture of excellence.

Schedule a conversation today if you’d like to discuss implementing the 5 pillars of superior operations in your business. We’ll help you create a culture of excellence within your organization so you can achieve our business goals.