Thamer Favor crowned Miss Houston USA. Win Your Pageant.Thamer Favor, Miss Houston USA 2015, juggled her pageant prep with her career and personal life.  She knew the importance of simplifying to win your pageant!

Are you driving yourself to distraction with complex and unrealistic pageant prep plans?  Has your desire to win completely overtaken your ability to approach your competition from a balanced perspective?  Unfortunately, as a pageant coach, I’ve seen contestants waste hours, days, and weeks creating complicated prep plans. By the time they arrive at the pageant, they’re burned-out and come across as over trained. Instead of obsessing about things that won’t make a difference, invest your time developing skills that will impact your score.

A good prep plan is not complicated and overworked. It enables you to focus on learning and refining the skills the judges will score at the pageant. And a good plan is structured so that your skills and confidence peak right before your competition. Plus, it allows you to relax and approach your competition from a balanced perspective.  It really is that simple to win your pageant.

But simple isn’t always interesting.  Most contestants possess above average intelligence and tend to get bored quickly.  So, they think up unnecessary things to do. If they aren’t worried about something, they create something to worry about.  If there’s no drama going on in their pageant prep, they’ll create some. Complicated training programs distract often end up distracting you from key components of the competition. Then you end up feeling puzzled and confused when you don’t win the title.

So take out all the extras when you’re putting together your pageant prep plan. Stop surfing the internet to research each and every contestant who you think might be competing. Don’t spend hours making an excessive number of appearances not related to your platform or current title. And please don’t spend evenings looking at every single pageant gown you can find on the Internet.  Instead, invest your time and energy into a simple plan.

It’s important to work to improve the skills that will boost your scores during the competition. Analyze your body type and learn to select items for your competition wardrobe that flatter you. Practice your fitness and gown modeling so that you’re confident on stage. Spend time learning hair and makeup skills so you can create your competition image in a time crunch. And remember to practice both your personal and on-stage interview to really impress the judges.

The secret to quick skill development, in any area of pageant competition, is to follow a focused and realistic plan. And then work that plan consistently.  I promise you: it really is that simple to win your pageant!